The last time I wrote about Nando’s, they were opening up their first location in Chicago and everyone was so excited! Since then, quite a few more locations have popped up and a lot more people have had the chance to try Nando’s and immediately fall in love with it.

What’s not to love? Not only do you get delicious, freshly grilled chicken and side dishes, you’ll also find an array of sauces to try on everything you’d just ordered. My absolute favorite is the Garlic Peri-Peri sauce. It’s the right amount of spice for me to generously dip my chips (fries) in. However, if you love spice, you’ll have to try their new VUSA sauce!


‘Vusa’ means ‘excitement’ or ‘fire’ in Zulu, so you can imagine that the sauce (which is the spiciest option at Nando’s) packs a fiery punch while still being full of flavor. It has more peri-peri chilis in it than the other sauces, but also has lemon, olive oil and garlic to round out the heat. Pour a bit in a dish and give it a try!

Along with the new sauce, Nando’s has also updated a few of the side dishes to incorporate veggies that are in season. I love squash (I think most South Africans do), so the Butternut Squash & Grilled Corn was a perfect side to the chicken on a chilly autumn evening. It’s so good, in fact, that I’m going to copy it in my own kitchen 🙂


Nando’s is a regular stop for us because the food is just so good, the atmosphere is warm and the service is always friendly. We end up sitting for hours, beginning with sangria or wines from their very affordable selection, to sharing a great meal, and ending on a sweet note with natas.

Most importantly, though, Nando’s makes me feel like I’m at home. ❤

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