Fulton Market Harvest Fest 2018

Chicago is no stranger to the street fest scene. There are plenty to attend all summer long, and they’re just a good time. A few weeks ago we went to the Greektown Fest, but it was honestly such a hot day that it wasn’t too enjoyable. We quickly found ourselves walking to the closest bar for a cold beer. The thing about that is that the “closest bar” we walked to from Greektown that day, was actually in Fulton Market (lol). So here we are talking about Fulton Market Harvest Fest šŸ™‚

We love the West Loop neighborhood. It’s grown a lot in the last few years, and it’s now easily my favorite hangout area for everything from brunch to fancy dinners to bar-hopping.


I got Chopstix packed up and ready for her first fest, and we made our way over. All of our favorite FM restaurants participated in the street fest, so we got to try quite a few dishes. My favorite dish of the day was, hands-down, the grilled short ribs from Chef Stephanie Izard of Girl & the Goat. I’m not sure how long they’d marinated the short ribs but they were so tender and perfect.


I probably could’ve had seconds but… there were burgers (from BomboBar), hot dogs & watermelon salad (from Swift & Sons) and other dishes to still be had. :-p


I’m pretty sure a cold beer (or 3) is a must for a summer street fest, and Goose Island‘s booth kept everyone’s thirst at bay with cold pours. It was definitely hotter than expected, so we did our best to find spots in the shade.

After about 2hrs of walking around in the sun, trying dishes here and there, we decided to find a patio to sit at to enjoy the day a bit more. We found the perfect spot on the patio of Gus’s Fried Chicken. And so, after all of the bites we’d already had, we couldn’t pass up some hot chicken. A three wing dinner, tender, large Sprites to cool off, and a piece of chess pie was officially the end of our #SundayFunday at Harvest Fest. šŸ™‚


Shout-out to all in the restaurant industry that worked each of the booths – you’re the real MVP’s.

Side note: Chopstix did so well. No barking at all, kisses for everyone who wanted to pet her, and some nibbles of human food as a reward from us. šŸ™‚

(Also, shout-out to my sister for the awesome pics)

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