Labor Day Weekend

Chicago has had the worst and weirdest summer. Between the gloomy days, the storms and rain, and Fourth of July landing in the middle of the week, it’s barely felt like “Summertime Chi”. Either way, we make the best of good weather days as much as we can. This past weekend was a hot one – by hot I mean stifling and humid.

BUT! We’ve been training Chopstix to walk on a leash and figured what better day to venture out with her than for a chill #sundayfunday. I’ve had Siena Tavern in the back of my mind since seeing their “Puppy Ciao” menu, so we made a reso for the patio and got our puppy ready with her harness and leash. Not only did she walk the city like a pro, but she didn’t even bark once. She definitely earned her $10 entree for her first patio meal!

We shared the brussel sprouts salad (yum) and a burnt pepperoni pizza (more yum). After lunch it was time for a stroll along the riverwalk, topped off with indulgent churro cones at Bodega. Chopstix even got a bit of leftover ice-cream as a bonus treat.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day long weekend! If you have a dog, be sure to take them for a visit to Siena Tavern while we still have patio weather. Your pup will love you even more. ❤

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