Taste of the Nation for No Kid Hungry

There are several awesome food events in Chicago during the month of August and September, starting with Taste of the Nation. The event was held last night at Revel Fulton Market and was packed with a great crowd shortly after the doors were opened. Why? Well, aside from the delicious food and drinks available, the event was all for a very important cause. Taste of the Nation benefited No Kid Hungry – a charity focused on feeding children with food that makes them grow healthy and strong. It’s a cause that touches the hearts of everyone involved and means so much to those it directly helps.


The event was so well done – from the layout of the space to the fun activities (who doesn’t love a photo booth with props?) and of course trying the dish or drink at every booth. Some of our favorite local chefs, like Lee Wolen, served an amazing smoked carrot toast. Who knew that smoked carrot could taste almost like a pork pate? Genius. One of my favorites of the night was a colorful and delicious Causa Cangrejo from the Tanta team. Tanta continuously serves awesome food that’s both creative and flavorful, and is a must on your list of Chicago restaurants to visit if you’ve never been.

Two of my other favorite dishes came from visiting Chefs. Chef Dale Talde (of Bravo TV Top Chef fame and originally from Chicago) and his team from Rice and Gold in NYC served a yummy bite wrapped in a shiso leaf. I had a fangirl moment when I met him too – he’s so nice! And his parents were in attendance at the event too. How sweet.


The second dish was from Chef Cesar Zapata of Miami’s Phuc Yea. His team served up a plate of noodles with roasted pork. I can’t remember all of the ingredients but it was easily the heartiest and most comforting dish at the event, and I definitely went back for seconds.


What’s great about events like this one is that everyone is in the best of spirits. Those working at the various booths were friendly, lively, dancing to the music, and always extending generous hospitality. Attendees were happy to mingle, sip and dine on dishes prepared by some of the city’s finest, and get silly in the photo booth hosted by Impossible Food.


Overall, it was such a well-executed event that raised money to feed so many hungry children. Tanta had the most tagged photos for the night and as a prize, Citi donated 10,000 meals in their name!

Well done to all involved!

If you’d like to donate towards this important cause, please do so here. During the month of September, you also have a chance to contribute towards the cause by dining out! Check out the link from the photo below to search for participating restaurants.


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