2018 TO DATE

It’s been a while, my friends. Almost a year to be exact (yikes). I’ll skip past the holiday months of Nov/Dec and just start by saying that 2018 has been a fast-paced, busy, awesome year so far.

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but last year I promised myself that I’d make some moves (both professionally, personally and literally lol) and that is exactly what I did. Here’s one line that encapsulates it all and then you’ll understand what the catalyst for popping up on my blog again is.

We got a puppy – moved to the burbs – I started an awesome new job – we got engaged! ❤

Some quick thoughts on each of those 4 milestones. The puppy – LOVE. Our puppy, Chopstix, and her 2 siblings were a very surprise Christmas family purchase/decision. We got the tiny little white & tan chihuahua puppy and quickly named her Chopstix (from an inside joke). She’s been our favorite thing ever and supplies us with all the loving and kisses and cuddles we could ever need and want. She’s now 9 months and will forever be so cute. (follow her on Instagram: @chopstixchi)


Milestone 2 was moving. As soon as I moved out of my South Loop apartment, I missed it. And although I was barely there during the past couple of years, it was still great to just have it and to be so close to the things I enjoyed doing. The convenience is definitely worth it. What I get in the burbs, though, is space (and my love and our puppy!) And I equally love that factor. Maybe one day I can have the space I want,  with the convenience of being in the city again. Ha! That kind of brings me to the third thing listed: starting a new job. I should probably write a whole post on my new job and how it makes me feel because it is thoroughly refreshing. I’m now with a company that not only saw my worth but also highly encourages growth. The nerd in me is so happy. The entire me is happy with the last thing in the list.

Marc and I are finally engaged! His proposal was so special and meaningful to us as a couple, and we are more in love with than ever.

Aside from these 4 very important, very awesome things, there’s more. Let’s see… I’ve been to Vegas 3x, NYC 3x and Mexico 3x (just kidding, Mexico was once) Traveling as often as I/we do is a privilege that I wish everyone had. Given, travel these days can be done within any budget, it’s still having the flexibility to even go anywhere that is equally as important. The memories made are totally worth every penny… and every delayed flight.

You’re thinking to yourself that there was really no point to this blog other than to share my excitement of what’s been going on. You’re 100% correct. No food pics or restaurant reviews in this one. Just happiness. ❤

Here’s to me trying to keep up with this blog while also trying to keep up with life! 🙂

Next post: 2018 photo highlights


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