Oh, how I love New York City. It’s the quintessential “American dream” city, filled with people of all backgrounds, doing jobs of all kinds. On any given corner, you’ll find a mix of people from different countries, with different religions, speaking different languages, but all side by side. Add in all the tourists from around the world, the pretty convenient subway system, and the hustling vibe of the city, and you’ve got one of my favorite cities in the world.

We stayed at the Kimpton Eventi in Midtown Manhattan. Not only is the hotel gorgeous and centrally located, but it also houses 3 great restaurants. We enjoyed a quick coffee stop as well as a full brunch at the acclaimed Lupulo. The Portuguese-inspired dishes were delicious, and both meals had to end with a serving (or two) of pasteis de nata. They were easily the best natas I’ve ever had. {tip: I get my quick fix for natas at Nando’s here in Chicago}.

Of course, because my life literally revolves around food, NYC is unlike any other. You can enjoy the most amazing food of any cuisine, in any borough or neighborhood, and for any price point. Factor in all the walking you’ll do while sight-seeing (we got in 15mi!), and it makes those food comas seem a little more justified.

The weekend was filled with laughs, great food, amazing service, friendly people (whoever said New Yorkers are unfriendly?), and gorgeous views of the city. Before I share some photos, here are a few tips for your next NYC visit:


  • Purchase a Metrocard as soon as you get to Manhattan. It’s a cheap, convenient and easy way to get around
  • Carry a crossbody bag. It’s just easier, and no one likes bumping into someone carrying a big ole’ tote around (unless you’re a local going to/from work, that is)
  • Do your research before booking a hotel. I always map it out based on what I want to do, where I want to go, and proximity to public transportation. The Kimpton Eventi was just perfect.
  • Walk as much as possible. It’s the only way to truly experience the city and see everything. That said, obviously pack and wear a pair of cute sneaks for comfort.
  • As far as food goes, PLEASE go to these places
    • Lupulo – as previously mentioned, it’s delicous Portuguese-inspired food; definitely get the galao coffee and natas for a quick pick-me-up
    • Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings – there are two locations. The SoHo location is perfect if you’re shopping and walking around. {separate post to come}
    • Boucherie – the location is great for people-watching, the restaurant is gorgeous, and the steak frites are easily the best I’ve had! (Only Bistrot Paul Bert shares the #1 spot)
    • Top of the Standard – amazing views, refreshing slushy cocktails, enough said.

Every time I visit NYC, I think about how I should go more often. It’s an ever-evolving city with new restaurants, shops and venue popping up all the time. There is no vibe like that of NYC, and I can’t wait to go back again soon.

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