I have a handful of go-to spots for what I know will be a good meal every single time. Siena Tavern is on that list. We happened to have a gorgeous Saturday afternoon this weekend, so the sis and I made a stop at Siena for a nice lunch on the patio. After being completely indecisive and staring at the menu for way too long, we decided on basically our usual order: Kale Caesar salad and a pizza. Add on a pitcher of white sangria, and we had a lovely 2hr lunch before the weather turned crappy again. 

KALE CAESAR SALAD – always delicious, and makes me feel like I’m being healthy 


If you haven’t been to Siena Tavern yet, make your reservation now. Everything from their salads to apps, to pizzas and pastas are delicious. 

And don’t forget a scoop of gelato or tiramisu for dessert! 

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