FABIO VIVIANI. Need I say more?

Ok, well if you don’t know who he is yet, you’ve probably eaten at one of his restaurants here in Chicago, or seem glimpses of him on TV. Yes, he’s become a celebrity chef and was even the ‘Fan Favorite’ on the 2008 season of Bravo’s Top Chef. I’ve been one of those fans ever since, have eaten at his restaurants so many times, so it was such a pleasure to finally get to meet him at the launch of his wines last week!



all photos courtesy of Fabio Viviani Wines

A small group of us were invited to an intimate dinner party at Fabio’s newest Chicago restaurant, Bar Siena. We met in the dining room area upstairs and were served pours of the new wines. There are four wines in the line so far, and all are very good. I can’t say that I’m a wine expert by any means, but I know what tastes good and what doesn’t. Both reds and both whites in the FABIO VIVIANI WINES portfolio taste amazing. 


During the dinner reception, Fabio welcomed us and then went through the concept of each wine. Basically, as he described, food is easy to us as consumers. Wine, however, still seems out of reach. Either you know what you like and find it, or you stand in front of a wall of wine brands and pick something based on varietal and price point. Either way, wine is not always so easy. Well, Fabio and his partners want to change that. These four wines are not only delicious, but are a great price! For both the seasoned and casual wine consumer, they’re perfect.

My personal favorite is the White Blend. It’s a “porch pounder” as they say – easy sipping on those summer patio days. But really, I could drink it at any time. It’s a blend of my go-to varietals, and even includes a small percentage of Moscato. It’s fruity, bright, crispy and a little sweet.

The Cabernet is a great red, if you prefer a medium-bodied red and has a lot of dark fruits and oak flavors to it. It’s perfect with meat or heavy pasta dishes.

Along with the wines, we nibbled on some meats and cheese to start, then pizzas and meatballs. I LOVE Siena Tavern (read my post here), and to have Bar Siena in the vibrant West Loop area is an awesome addition to the city. The Prosciutto & Fig pizza was a crowd favorite, and I’ll definitely order it the next time I’m back.


So if you haven’t yet been, make a stop at Bar Siena, and don’t forget to pick up these wines too!


Bar Siena 832 W Randolph Street, Chicago IL 60607

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