This year I checked off a trip I’ve long had on my dream bucketlist – Paris, France. The sister and BFF had a trip planned, and I decided to join kind of last minute… because when would we do this again? Not anytime soon. Flight was booked, hotel was picked in the group chat, and we started to count down the days until we could eat baguettes all day if we wanted to.

Paris was just beautiful. The city was flooded the week before we arrived, but for the first 3 days, we had warm and sunny days that were just perfect for sight-seeing. As anyone will tell you, Paris is a walking city. Yes, we used the Metro often to get from major point to another, but we walked a total of 27miles around the city during our 4 days there.. I don’t think I walk 27miles in 1 month here at home. Impressive, I know. My next few posts will be for specific meals we enjoyed in Paris, but for now, here were a few observations I made during those 27miles worth of walking.

  • Contrary to popular belief, Parisians are not as fashionable as expected (hobo chic is the look)
  • Also contrary to popular belief, the majority of Parisians do not have great skin (sister’s note)
  • Yes, Parisians drink a lot of wine (thumbs up), and smoke a lot of cigarettes (thumbs down)
  • No one is on their phone while walking, at a restaurant, or even on the train – everyone is present at the given moment (love this!)
  • CDG airport is horrible (difficult to navigate)
  • Parisian dining is topnotch, as you would expect (splurge on great meals, try the casual spots, always drink wine because it’s cheaper than water)
  • Paris is beautiful and filled with culture… and I can’t wait to go back.

While Paris isn’t a social city, it somehow exudes romance. What’s truly remarkable is that this is city that fully functions around its historic architecture.


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