PARIS checklist:

  1. Book flight
  2. Book hotel
  3. Make reservation at Bistrot Paul Bert

Yes, it’s that important. BISTROT PAUL BERT is a Parisian institution at this point, and has made its way onto just about every travel/food list you could think of. Our man Anthony Bourdain has long sang its praises. BPB only accepts reservations over the phone, about 2-3 weeks in advance, so I had a calendar entry 3 weeks out {I am THAT person} to remind me. Once the time came, my Mum made the international call from her house phone and made a reservation for the sister and I for our first night in Paris. She said the person who answered the phone and took the reso was very friendly and helpful. That’s a good sign. I was SO excited, and hoped that it would live up to the hype.

It did.

BPB is charming in every way: the tiny space with tables jam-packed next to each other, the menu that’s only written on a big chalkboard, the servers who make everyone feel welcome and at home, the food & wine. It is everything we want a Parisian bistro to be, and more.


The menu is simple, updated on that chalkboard daily, and features classic bistro fare. The wine options are so reasonable, that it’s just cheaper to get a bottle for two. We went with a bottle of organic Beaujoulais for 24euro.



Our meal was 3-courses at an also reasonable price of 42euro. For our appetizers, or “entrees” in French, the sister went with the salad, while I had the pâte. Talk about a generous portion! The pâte was porky, but light and I could’ve easily eaten most of it… but I had my eye on the main course.


For the main course, or “plat” in French, we both made the easy choice – steak & frites. In this case, it was the entrecôte, served with crispy frites, and a bearnaise sauce. Our server also said two magic words – bone marrow. Yes, you could have roasted bone marrow as a “sauce”. Yes, please! Now, if you haven’t had roasted bone marrow yet, please get it during your next steakhouse or bistro visit. And, if you can have it as an option with your steak, do it. The marrow melts like beefy butter onto a hot steak and it is truly freakin DIVINE.


After basically eating our steaks in blissful silence, we were getting quite full… BUT, we still had dessert to go. There’s always room for dessert.

I went with the Paris Brest, and the sister had the Île Flottante. Mine was rich, hers was light; both perfect.



Finish up that wine, add on an espresso for sipping to close out the meal and we were left with full tummies and happy hearts.


The couple at the table next to us were so sweet, and when the gypsy rose vendor came selling through the restaurant, the man bought roses for us as well as his for his wife. Turns out, she is the well-known artist, CLARA CRESPIN, and invited us to her exhibit that weekend.



Are all Parisians this lovely? They were. Everyone in BPB was. Our server (in pic below) even wrote a note of other places to check out during our weekend. We could not have asked for a better or more perfect introduction to Paris. We might’ve floated back to our hotel, in love with our first dinner together in this gorgeous city.


Thank you for the magical meal and service, Bistrot Paul Bert. You will always have a special place in our hearts… and we’re coming back again soon! ❤


BISTROT PAUL BERT | 18 Rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris, France | +33 1 43 72 24 01

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