Because it’s TACO TUESDAY, let’s remember what a blast we had at the first TACO FEST two weeks ago. What I expected before arriving to Mago Grill in the Roosevelt Collection was the usual type of food event – participating restaurants each with their table, serving food, some drink specials, some mingling amongst guests. You know, the usual. What we actually got at Taco Fest was a PARTY, and all to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository! The music was blasting, the DJ was on point, the tacos were all delicious, tequila shots on were deck, and everyone – vendors and guests alike – had a great time all night!

My personal favorites were from Latinicity (al pastor) & Son of a Butcher (spicy shrimp), but every participating restaurant team served well thought-out and well executed tacos. Cafe Tola served a vegetarian empanada style taco with a black bean and plaintain filling that even us carnivores fell in love with. I have little more to say than that I was thoroughly impressed by all involved. So two thoughts before I share pics from the night:

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to the team from Son of a Butcher for winning best taco! Much deserved… and the chef cried when they were named first place! Love.
  2. WELL DONE to my friend, Nikki Lee, for planning, organizing and executing an incredibly successful event! So proud of you, and can’t wait for the next one. ❤

MAGO GRILL & CANTINA | 1010 S Delano Ct, Chicago, IL 60607

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