Well hello there, my friends. As I stare at the calendar, I realize that it’s almost March 2017, and here I am with my first post of the year. WAY behind – I know. But, in my detailed-procrastinator manner, I’ve drafted a list of posts to catch up on, along with a few things I’ll be adding and working on this year.

Let’s just say that this is the third year in a row where I feel that the Chinese New Year is more of an actual start to a new year for me. January 1st is just comes around too fast, and the holiday season is always so busy and hectic that I can’t seem to get myself together in time. Also, the bf’s birthday is Jan 5th, so it makes for a prolonged holiday season. As a quick review though, here are few photos I’ll share with you.


As you can see, Dec – Feb were awesome months. Random, fun, and memorable. ❤

Now back to my plan. First of all, don’t get too used to this layout. I plan on updating the theme very soon so that I can incorporate more. That said, I’m going to be adding some features. My life is comprised of these basic things: FOOD (always first), travel and lifestyle. To be more detailed, my “lifestyle” includes to a large extent things that satisfy my inner nerd, so there will be new posts on books, movies and … wait for it… maybe journaling. Ok ok, so I am a Youtube fan and have recently come across a huge and growing community of people who do what is called bullet journaling. Curious? Here’s the founder/basics: Bullet Journal. People get super creative and the journal is a blank canvas for complete personalization. I’m into it. Obviously, I ordered this journal and am impatiently waiting for it to be delivered. In the meantime, I’ll go shopping for some cool pens. (Who am I…)

Anyway! Please do hold me to all of the things I’ve mentioned here… because while my brain is full of ideas and plans, I tend to drag my feet a bit when it comes to executing. Feel free to prod me if I’m slacking.

2016 was a weird and lazy year for me sooo let’s make 2017 a really good and productive one. Cheers to that! 🙂

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