After being spoiled with warm weather for way too long into the season, we finally have the temperatures we’re used to for this time of year. Yes, Chicago winter is officially here for the next few months. While I do enjoy winter for a few reasons (hibernating and winter fashion), we live in Chicago because the short summer months make it all worth it. So, as a #TBT post because I’m missing the summer patio weather, here’s to one of my favorite spots to enjoy, rain or shine: EIGHT BAR & PATIO.


While the full-on steakhouse of Maple & Ash has it’s dining room on the second floor of the building, the company has excellently reconcepted {is that a word?} the ground floor level bar and patio to become Eight Bar. The menu was revamped to include some favorites and some sneaky guilty pleasures as well. Add in a gorgeous patio for those summer days and it’s a clear winner. Some of the standouts on the menu include the following:




CLASSIC STEAK FRITES | 10oz hanger steak with garlic confit and bordelaise


DOWNSTAIRS BURGER | cheddar cheese, pickle, red onion, dijonnaise, fries


These 3 items have become the go-to order for us. The chicken liver mousse is silky and perfect with jam on a piece of warm toast; the steak frites plate is everything it should be; and the burger is perfection.

Now that it’s winter, and we’re obviously missing the patio, the actual bar remains open and is still serving these amazing dishes, among many. Don’t forget some of their creative cocktails as well – they’re potent and will definitely quench your thirst!

Ladies love rose on patios

PS. for a great steak dinner, head upstairs to Maple & Ash. The service is friendly, and the food/drinks are even better.

Dinner at Maple & Ash
Dinner at Maple & Ash

EIGHT BAR & PATIO | 8 W Maple St #1, Chicago, IL 60610

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