If you Google anything relating to “date night” or “most romantic restaurant” in Chicago, you’ll find one name that finds itself on all of these lists: GEJA’S CAFE. It’s all about the fondue in cozy romantic lighting, with live classical guitar music in the background. Even if you haven’t been yet, you’ve heard about it as the go-to spot for a special evening with your loved one(s). Geja’s Cafe has been a mainstay in Lincoln Park since 1965, and couples, families and groups of friends have been flocking to this quaint restaurant ever since.

Photo credit: Geja’s Cafe

I chose Geja’s Cafe for date night, where the boyfriend and I shared our first fondue dinner experience together. If you’ve had fondue before, you know that a full fondue dinner comes with a starter cheese fondue course, and ends with a chocolate fondue course. In the middle, you choose your entree course – seafood, meats, veggies.

Photo credit: Geja's Cafe
Photo credit: Geja’s Cafe

CHEESE COURSE | Imported Gruyere blended with white wine, Kirsch cherry brandy, and spices. For dipping: red and golden apple wedges, sweet grapes, French, pumpernickel and pretzel breads

Photo credit: Geja’s Cafe

ENTREE COURSE | Connoisseur Premier Dinner which included aged beef tenderloin, jumbo Gulf shrimp, and succulent lobster tail.

CHOCOLATE COURSE|  Flamed with orange liqueur and served with strawberries, apples, banana, pineapple, graham cracker crumbs, pound cake, and marshmallows for roasting

Each course is delicious! What was interesting is that for the entree course, a pot of oil is heated on the table. That was a first for me! Other fondues I’ve had included a simmering broth for cooking the meats and veggies in. Here at Geja’s Cafe, you cook your meats and veggies in the oil, and then use one of the 8 dipping sauces for flavoring afterwards. It’s unique, and the dipping sauces are great! Our favorites were the horseradish cream, and the Thai chili sauces. {Being a home cook, I seasoned our meats and veggies with some salt&pepper before dipping it in the oil. I’d suggest that for a bit more flavor on your meats.}

Photo credit: Geja’s Cafe

The dessert course was a hit with the boyfriend. He loves s’mores and this course provided the goods to make some delicious s’mores on a skewer. I LOVED the pound cake dipped in chocolate. Simple, decadent and a perfect sweet ending to the meal.


I will say that the full fondue dinner is a great special occasion meal. It’s interactive, romantic and fun! If you’re looking for something smaller, or aren’t as hungry, I’d definitely suggest going with a Cheese & Chocolate fondue set. It’s a good savory/sweet combo that will still give you a wonderful fondue experience.

We had a lovely date night at Geja’s Cafe, and will definitely be back again. Plus, the red lighting is a bonus 😉

GEJA’S CAFE | 340 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

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