If you love Tanta, Chicago’s trendy Peruvian restaurant, then you’ll love ARBELLA. The Tanta team recently opened up the neighboring global lounge and it’s been a great addition to the craft cocktails scene in River North.

The design of this lounge is, in one word, sexy. It reminds me of trendy drink spots in NYC, and it’s just overall my style. If I had a bar of my own, this is easily what it would look like. It’s gorgeous, warm, neutral, with metallic accents.



The drink menu featured cocktails created based on stops around the globe; and the food menu touches on the same inspirations.




TARO TACO | taro chip tortilla, tuna tartare, avocado, jalapeño


FUNKY CHICKEN | lollipop rye, lemon puree, beer, tajin rim



Not only is the ambience great and the drinks delicious, but the service is friendly and welcoming. We had a lovely happy hour, trying a few of the cocktails and bites… I’ll definitely be back lots more!

ARBELLA | 112 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL

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