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If you’re a tea lover like I am, and have never heard of Le Palais des Thés, let me introduce you.

Firstly, the company was built by fifty tea enthusiasts who decided to create teas that are not only of the highest quality and freshness, but are also expertly selected through travels around the world. This is not your average cup of tea from a box at the grocery store. From Palais de Thés, you can purchase tea bags and loose leaf teas that showcase different cultures of our world.

Knowing that I drink numerous cups of tea per day, Palais de Thés generously shipped over a few for me to try from their new Gardens collection. How gorgeous are these tins?


With this collection, they drew inspiration from magical gardens to create some unique infusions that you’ll love. Each has a generous blend of fruits (in pieces, dried, or candied), delicate flowers and aromatic plants. They’re all caffeine-free and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

The three I was able to try were Garden of dreams, Oriental garden, and Hanging garden. The first two are from the Autumn/Winter collection, and the latter from the Spring/Summer collection. Given that these are all loose leaf teas, which I haven’t had at home in a while, I had to purchase some sachets from Teavana (purchase here, $5.99 for 100). I used 1 heaped tablespoon worth of the loose tea per cup, which I found to be a good amount for steeping.


Garden of dreams – A blend of citrus fruit, lemon balm, chamomile and verbena || I found this to be a calming tea, great before bed or when you need to relax or detox a bit.

Oriental gardenA blend of spices, dates and coconut || Because I love chai, this was my favorite of the three! It’s full of warm spices and has the perfect flavor combination for sipping all day long.

Hanging gardenA blend of bergamot, flowers and mango || When you open the lid of the tin, you immediately get the sweet aroma of mango and flowers. This is another great sipping tea for during the day, with a lovely sweet note thanks to the fruit in it.


They have a total of 12 teas in the gardens collection, along with a ton of other infusions (both loose and in bags). They even have adorable trial tubes like this, for you to test out a few samples! Not only do I love the story behind the company, but I also love the teas. They’re definitely worth it, and.. as a bonus, once you finish it, you’ll have a gorgeous tin to use for other goodies!

Two side notes 1) they have an actual tea shop with two locations in NYC. Added to the list of stops on my next NYC visit! 2) Check out the founder’s blog, Discovering Tea!

Happy tea drinking!

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