I love charcuterie. I grew up snacking on it, and you’ll still find me buying some good cheese and meats to make a platter on any given day.

There’s a place in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood that specializes in just this kind of thing. TÊTE CHARCUTERIE makes everything in-house, and just about everything is quite delicious.

The standout is, of course, the charcuterie boards. They come in small and large. For our group of 4 ladies, the small board was the perfect size.

IMG_4674 (1)

My favorites on this board are definitely the Mortadella, and the Coppa. We also ordered the Smoked Lamb to try, which was rich and delicious!

IMG_4670 (1)


• cozy atmosphere

• open kitchen

• delicious charcuterie

• great wine selection and specials


• Our server required us to order everything at once, as the Chef likes to portion the meal out from there. I’m not a huge fan of that, especially not for a charcuterie-focused place, where I want to dine at leisure over wine.

• The portions are definitely not as small as they sound or are explained. For 4 ladies, we had the small board, an extra order of smoked lamb, summer veggies, hamachi crudo, lamb sausage platter, and a pasta dish. WAY too much.

The menu is heavy on the cured meats, so definitely stick with that! We ordered too many dishes for the 4 of us ladies, but will definitely go back for wine and a small board over some chit chat soon!


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