For date night #1, we found MIZUMI on the list of best sushi spots in Vegas, and quickly made a reservation.

The reviews and photos you find online don’t do this place justice. There was previously only one place I’d call truly magical and it was Moyo in Cape Town, South Africa. Mizumi makes the second truly magical place found. It’s so gorgeous, with gold brick walls, bright red decor, and is built around a waterfall… in the middle of Vegas. The food was excellent, we found a great Spanish beer thanks to our server (who happened to be from Bridgeport!), and we snuck in some really awesome photos of the space, and each other 🙂 

If you’re in Vegas, go for a date night. If you’re not, and planning a Vegas trip, add it to your list. It’s a must. 

TORO AVO ROLL | Pretty perfect. Rich toro tuna, creamy avo, pickled daikon and garlic chip for texture.


ROBATA PLATTER  | sea bass, organic Jidori ChickenTM, beef, shishito peppers,
shiitake mushrooms

The sea bass was my favorite. Really light, excellent quality, perfect seasoning.




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