When Chicago gives you a sunny 75-degree day, you make the most of it. I spent mine solo, getting some fresh air, exercise, think time, and healthy eats.

I did a walk to and along the lakefront, jogging intermittently, making stops along the way to relax, and stare out at the gorgeous skyline and lake. I made it all the way behind the Adler Planetarium – who know there’s a little beach back there? So cute. I think that stretch may be by favorite because it’s quiet, and all you see looking out is blue water. 

This man knows how to enjoy alone time. 


I wish I had a book… or preferably my boyfriend. 


On the way back, I picked up dinner from Mac Kelly’s – Kale Caesar salad with Chicken (wrap). This is basically a huge, salad-filled buritto. I could only finish half for dinner, along with a large bottle of coco water. Super fresh and yummy. I’d definitely try other things on the menu. 


I also picked up some flowers – $3.99 from Trader Joe’s – because it makes the apartment feel nice 🙂 


I’d say that was a healthy and productive Tuesday afternoon! Hopefully the weather will stay lovely for a while now, and we can have more lakefront jogs and sunshine. 

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