Drumbar hosted a small, but fun group of us last night to taste a few of their new summer cocktails. Their new Beverage Manager, Whitney Morrow, was behind the bar mixing our cocktails, and also walked us through each cocktail and mingled with us to answer any questions. 


[photo by Huge Galdones, provided by YL]

Now, when I said a “few” of their cocktails, this means NINE to be exact. And when I said “to taste”, this did not mean tasting portions… there were nine full cocktails, as they would be served on any regular night. Needless to say, we sipped carefully at the beginning… then didn’t really care towards the end =P  


There were definitely a few group favorites – predictable ones, as 90% of the group were ladies. Whitney called these favorites “patio crushers” – drinks that do well on patios. Ladies definitely love patio crushers! I’ll note the favorites as well as my personal favorite as we walk through each cocktail. 


[Copper Kings Young Brandy, Yellow Bell Pepper, Cayenne, Lime, Fajita Seasoning]


[photo by Huge Galdones, provided by YL] 

This reminded me of the spicy margaritas you can find at Mercadito. This one, however, has Brandy. The seasoning on the rim is fajita seasoning, and was surprisingly delicious! Spicy up front, almost sweet (cinnamon-y) in the back. Add a few tacos on the side, and I’d gladly sip this (slowly).


[Dry Rye Gin, Jepson’s Malort, Grapefruit, Lemon, Black Pepper Grenadine]


[photo by Huge Galdones, provided by YL]

First sip: Oh, my lord! Oh, Malort!

If you’ve never had Malort  before, let me tell you that it’s quite (read: extremely) bitter. That said, this hit a strong bitter note at the beginning. The grapefruit juice was a perfect mixer, though, and helped to smooth out the flavors. I prefer my drinks on the sweet/fruity side, so I wouldn’t go for this on a menu, but my gin-loving friends would love it.


[Cherau Liqueur, Absolut Vodka, Celery Juice, Lime]


[photo by Huge Galdones, provided by YL]

This was the first “patio crusher” served, and the ladies in the room definitely enjoyed it. Cherau is an aloe liqueur, so it’s a refreshing drink. I personally love celery, and loved the combination. Easy to drink, light, refreshing.


[Encanto Pisco, Mint, Lime, Apricot Vinegar, Honey]


[photo by Huge Galdones, provided by YL]

Whitney walked us through the ingredients of this cocktail, and noted that it was a version of the “Southside” cocktail. I LOVE apricot, so this was right up my alley. The honey definitely helped sweeten up the vinegar aspect, while the lime provided the necessary acidity


[Novo Fogo Silver Cachaca, Banana, Almond, Lemon, Fennel]


[photo by Huge Galdones, provided by YL]

This was definitely my favorite of the evening. I don’t really go for banana-flavored foods or drinks, but this was an awesome surprise. It smells like banana bread, and I loved the fennel (both as a bitter and fronds for garnish). It just so happened that Whitney and the Drumbar team had graciously pre-mixed this cocktail and bottled it up for us as party favors! Now I just have to add ice and sip at home. YUM. 



[Vida Mezcal, St. Germain, Suze, Celery Bitters]


Mezcal is not my best friend. A few years ago, at Cochon 2013, I tried a flight of Mezcal and I wanted to die. That said, I would never order a cocktail with Mezcal, BUT… there’s plenty of St. Germain in this one to help sip this one. Suze is a bitter, herbaceous liqueur which makes this cocktail sweet and smoky.

7. FIGGIN’ AWESOME {missing pic} 

Sadly, it looks like I missed getting a pic of this one (6 cocktails in at this point…) I’d describe this cocktail as tart, strong and quite citrusy. For those who don’t go for the sweet/fruity drinks like I do, would likely enjoy this one. 


[Leblon Cachaca, Aperol, Sugar, Citric Acid]


[photo by Huge Galdones, provided by YL]

I love Cachaca, and this cocktail was no exception. It’s not all sweet, though… almost bitter up front, and fruity at the end. The citric acid added is in powdered form, but helps balance out the sugar and Aperol. Quite delicious.


[Bourbon, Ancho Reyes, Artichoke Amaro, Flavors of Maple and Soy, Smoked Olives]


[photo by Huge Galdones, provided by YL]

This is a MAN’s drink! I could only have maybe two sips, but it’s basically a version of an Old Fashioned – aka strong as hell! It’s bbq-ish, with the glass rinsed with smoke (?), and the smoked olive garnish. While I couldn’t drink this one, I chowed down on those olives – they are AMAZING! Whitney should sell those by the jar, or as a bar snack. 

Two hours and nine cocktails later, the sister and I practically floated out of Drumbar… and cabbed to RPM Steak for some food to soak up the alcohol. 🙂
(Disclaimer: Drumbar did serve some meats and cheeses)

I’m definitely looking forward to warmer weather, and going back to enjoy a few of these summer cocktails hopefully on the Drumbar terrace. 



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