THERE ARE TWO annual food events in Chicago that always deliver: Chicago Gourmet and Cochon555. I was lucky enough to attend Cochon555 again this year, and it is truly one of my favorite events! 

The venue for this year was Morgan Manufacturing – a luxe loft space in the Fulton Market area of the city. Besides it being gorgeous and spacious, it had the perfect lighting during the late afternoon. I think the Cochon crew did that on purpose for the benefit of foodie photogs 🙂 


[two photos above by Huge Galdones

ONTO THE GOOD STUFF – food & wine.. or should I say ‘swine & wine’. We first stalked the Parma table for the endless servings of silky procuitto, then found some good Italian white wines to sip while we walked around. There were pork feijoada plates, pickled pig on pan puri (amazing), pork belly huaraches (yum), pork meatballs, pork belly cannoli (!)… I mean, just amazingly tasty and creative pork dishes. 


Then around 5pm, the TARTARE BAR opened up at the Sepia table. Probably my favorite dish of the day. Just perfect, with an addition of chicharon for crunch. 


The competition was a very close one, since I enjoyed almost everything. But the winner with that amazing pan puri dish was Chef Nicole Pederson of Found Kitchen. Definitely well-deserved! 

WE CAME, WE ATE to our heart’s content. 

And we can’t wait until Cochon555 2016! 


My loves and fellow food feasters: my sister, Cindy and Victoria


The gorgeous Kara of Hungry-Social and I. Bday twinsies who love to eat. 

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